Rebuild Post-Apocalypse

Ok, I’m not looking for likes, just thoughts & answers:


After an apocalypse, how long does it take to rebuild society and “modern” structures given:

a) a hidden magic world in which the magic society is largely unaffected,

b) the apocalypse is caused by a surge of magic that harms tech (steam level and earlier still works),

c) magic can be used to replace tech for communications, travel, and such.



Question: Genre Related

So, here’s something I’ve been thinking about, figured I’d throw it out to the readership:

In our post-Star Wars society (e.g. after 1977), in your opinion is it possible for a writer to use laser swords/plasma swords/force swords (whatever alt. name for a lightsaber you want) and not look like they’re “ripping off” Lucas?

That’s with or without a group of monastic warriors using them.

Secondary World Technology

Sorry it’s been quiet lately.  Holidays and all.

Anyway, I’ve been considering some ideas and have a question for the groupmind.  Has anyone done a secondary world setting where they’ve included modern technology as the baseline (e.g. early-21st century Earth tech as the standard for a non-Earth world)?  If so, how’d you handle it?

I’m thinking about how a lot of urban fantasy (primary world) describes tech (using brand names, firearm calibers, and other recognizably Earth things), but I’m not sure that’s easily translatable into a secondary world.  Or is generic the way to go?  Maybe I should look at some Warcraft fic (admittedly more steampunk-fantasy).