Content Questions

With the last of the Codex material posted, I now need to generate content again.  🙂

There is a project I’m working on, but as it’s handwritten (my preferred for fiction), it’s not exactly postable.

So, I’ll open this up to the hive mind.  Are there any questions or is there anything you’d like to see my take on covering:
– Writing (fiction or non-)
– Fantasy (written or film)
– Sci-Fi (written or film)
– Worldbuilding
– Education (post-secondary)
– History (pre-17th century)
– Gaming (Tabletop RPGs; I’m a bit behind, but still follow such things)

– Shapeshifters

– Magic (historical or genre)
– Anything else interesting

Rebuild Post-Apocalypse

Ok, I’m not looking for likes, just thoughts & answers:


After an apocalypse, how long does it take to rebuild society and “modern” structures given:

a) a hidden magic world in which the magic society is largely unaffected,

b) the apocalypse is caused by a surge of magic that harms tech (steam level and earlier still works),

c) magic can be used to replace tech for communications, travel, and such.


Question: Genre Related

So, here’s something I’ve been thinking about, figured I’d throw it out to the readership:

In our post-Star Wars society (e.g. after 1977), in your opinion is it possible for a writer to use laser swords/plasma swords/force swords (whatever alt. name for a lightsaber you want) and not look like they’re “ripping off” Lucas?

That’s with or without a group of monastic warriors using them.

Secondary World Technology

Sorry it’s been quiet lately.  Holidays and all.

Anyway, I’ve been considering some ideas and have a question for the groupmind.  Has anyone done a secondary world setting where they’ve included modern technology as the baseline (e.g. early-21st century Earth tech as the standard for a non-Earth world)?  If so, how’d you handle it?

I’m thinking about how a lot of urban fantasy (primary world) describes tech (using brand names, firearm calibers, and other recognizably Earth things), but I’m not sure that’s easily translatable into a secondary world.  Or is generic the way to go?  Maybe I should look at some Warcraft fic (admittedly more steampunk-fantasy).