Unfortunately, I realize that I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. I can only blame myself for that. 🙂

A few updates seem in order at least.

The latest book is past the copyeditors and headed to the layout department. Page proofs should be in my hands in a couple months, with release scheduled for sometime in the upcoming Autumn.

My employer (a community college) is taking a very careful approach to re-opening campus. Currently we’re at something under 5% of classes being face-to-face (F2F), and even those are largely the ones that require hands on work (ex. some nursing courses). Summer, the plan’s 10-15% with potential for some limited offices. Autumn, about 25-30% F2F with a comparative services opening. All of which is good and smart (unlike the approaches in some other states and institutions; one friend’s CC has been open F2F continuously through the pandemic).

In the meantime, I put pen to paper for a third book. Just starting notes for an introduction so far, but it’s started. Reviewing a few things, I think there are definitely two, possibly three, books left in me. The first (third) is built out of old posts here. The second is a hybrid of what my dissertation was going to be at the start (before I narrowed focus for time) and a few articles I thought about writing years ago. The third is more nebulous at the moment, as the rough idea occurred to me and I haven’t developed it yet. I’m not even sure if the last is a “book” or a collection of essays (edited anthology), e.g. me alone or a collaborative effort.

To explore the last option, I’m thinking I’l probably put together some posts here, to organize and mess with my thoughts on the subject. Eventually.

Productive Hiatus

Sorry this place has been dead lately, if anyone noticed.

I’ve been focusing on various writing projects, life, work, and editing jobs lately (and trying, unsuccessfully, to find a new job).

Just the other day, I completed a first draft of a non-fiction book built out of my series of posts about magic in fantasy from a few years ago. Currently, it clocks in at 47,000 words and 160 pages, pretty much off the top of my head. The plan is to take a week away, then come back to edit, rework, and add some research.

Also, last week (or thereabouts), a book I did copyediting on was released: The Big Top on the Big Screen, a collection of essays on representations of circuses in movies.