Mucking About

An unfortunate side effect of writing extended works of non-fiction (e.g. books), I’ve found, is that my subconscious keeps picking out things and making them into ideas for worldbuilding and fiction.

To that end, I’ve been mucking about with some concepts of magic (and non-humans) and idly playing with them, creating writing doodles, and abandoning the doodles. Still haven’t figured out what I want to do with the concepts. Even though I’ve put conscious development on hold (due to grading, family stuff, side jobs, and book work [start editing 47,000 words Monday!]), little flashes keep bursting.

Long story short, the doodles will start appearing here on Monday. Other things may follow, time and figuring out something solid depending.

Content Questions

With the last of the Codex material posted, I now need to generate content again.  🙂

There is a project I’m working on, but as it’s handwritten (my preferred for fiction), it’s not exactly postable.

So, I’ll open this up to the hive mind.  Are there any questions or is there anything you’d like to see my take on covering:
– Writing (fiction or non-)
– Fantasy (written or film)
– Sci-Fi (written or film)
– Worldbuilding
– Education (post-secondary)
– History (pre-17th century)
– Gaming (Tabletop RPGs; I’m a bit behind, but still follow such things)

– Shapeshifters

– Magic (historical or genre)
– Anything else interesting

Of Blogs and Books

I had a thought last night and started some preliminary exploration this morning.

I’ve found that over the last four years of maintaining this blog, I have written over 24,300 words about world building and the F/UF/SF genres.  Combined with the roughly 20 posts I broadly conceived of in the last week or two . . . I’m seriously considering revising the 43 relevant posts and the upcoming 20-ish into something resembling a book.

I’m also considering setting up a Patreon account, to fund more writing time (that isn’t one of my 2.5 jobs – tutoring, resume writing, and freelance editing).

Question: Content Preferences

Hi everyone,

Back from the holidays and in a new year.

I spent a bit of time skimming the stats on previous posts and have come to a conclusion: it appears that my mini-series on magic and worldbuild elements have been among my most popular posts to date (in views and likes), followed by musings on genre.

So, I thought I’d toss this out there:

Is there anything that you, my small group of readers, are interested in seeing me post about in the coming month or year?

Inspiration: Sometimes It’s Like That

I started reading Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind today.  So far, I’m only a chapter into it, but a single line, probably a throwaway one, produced a flash of inspiration that solved a problem I’d been mulling over for a few days.

That Sapphire Palace-Blue Mountain Inn–Peakwatch Keep thing?

Yep, connections solved.

For the curious, the Rothfuss line was a description of the Waystone Inn being near or on a road that seemed to go nowhere.

Inspiration often works in odd ways.

Peakwatch Keep Redux

Earlier (last week), I posted a little something that had appeared mostly formed in my mind but which I had no idea what to do with (ug, awful sentence, it’s been a long day).

Anyway, it’s been percolating.  I think Peakwatch is going to become a story within a story.  I’ve been considering two locations: the Sapphire Palace and the Blue Mountain Inn.  I’m still figuring out which world they are best suited for (LME [Earth], LCP [secondary medieval fantasy], or AoP [multi-world fantasy linked to LME and LCP]), but I think someone at either the palace or the inn is telling a story about Peakwatch Keep and whatever is bound beneath it.  I think.

Inspiration Question

Where do you writers out there find yourself being inspired for worldbuilds, stories, etc.?

Personally, I find I tend to start with a scene, a place, or an organization. The world seems to start building itself around those, as somewhere that the scene could happen, the place could exist, or the organization could have spawned in.

This is totally not filler because I can’t think of a post because I’m working on three world builds right now.

Totally not filler.


Every time I read a Kate Daniels novel, I get the urge to put together a post-magipocalypse (magic apocalypse) setting. I suppose this means that either “Ilona Andrews” (nom de plume for a husband-wife team) has exceptional worldbuilding (it’s inspirational) or awful worldbuilding (the reader thinks s/he could do better). My bet is on the former, as I find their alt future Atlanta rather fascinating as well as the way they incorporate myriad mythologies, magic traditions, and legends both familiar–Western European, Greek, Roman, Northern European, Chinese, Indian, Jewish–and not so familiar–Eastern European, a few Native American–often with their own twist.

How Does the Mind Work?

I came across a forthcoming book in a publisher catalog today. It is called Demon Possession in Anglo-Saxon England. The grammatical oddity of the title started me wondering who possessed, or owned, the demons. That gave me an image of CCG-style* demon trading in the 10th century.

From that, an entire magic system (and alternate Earth) based around demons, in which mages buy, sell, and trade demons, has been growing in my head for the last five hours. Joy, as if I needed another world to add to the ultraverse project. 🙂

And I’ve already converted the magic system to the GURPS RPG (3rd or 4th edition) in my head.

* Collectable Card Game, ex. Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.