Over the last couple weeks, I’ve dropped some hints about a project I’ve been working on. The first was a post about inspiration, the second a bit more about multiverses. I figured this week, I’ll provide a bit more info about the macro-project and the smaller bit I’ve been working on recently.

The big project, I’m calling OmniTerra (All Earth). This is a multiverse entirely composed of alternate varieties of Earth, and nothing else. Some of those alt Earths are the center of micromultiverses, whether a single extra dimension or many. Basically, the concept gives me some room to play around with a dozen or so ideas I’ve had about magic systems, cultural developments, places, and such.

One aspect of the OmniTerra multiverse that I’ve been working on recently is something I’m calling Crossroads. This one is very loosely inspired by the worldbuilding in Ilona Andrews’ Edge series combined with, initially, archetypes. That evolved from archetypes into something loosely built from Graeco-Roman mythology.

I wanted to work with a site idea that had somewhat changed a section of Earth around it. My first thought was to work with archetypes. But, that led me down a path that could create a nearly infinite number of such places. I wanted to contain that impulse. So, I eventually settled on basing the region on the Olympians, of which there is some debate regarding the membership (I elected to include all fourteen deities that ancient sources name as Olympians). With fourteen sub-dimensions, domains, I did a bit of quick research to link related deities from myriad cultures to the Olympians. The idea being that each of the fourteen deities was known worldwide under a variety of names.

After that, I decided to add in a bit of lost continent lore (Atlantis, Mu, Lemuria, Hyperborea, etc.) as pre-history or alternate history. The end result is a hidden magic, urban fantasy Earth linked to fourteen domains by an equal number of sites that act as portals and open Earth to the domains’ influence within a small area.

Something else I’m playing with, partially inspired by Andrews’ Kate Daniels series, is a living magic. That is, magic grows, adapts, and changes itself within certain limits. Thus, there are both branches of magic (type of effect) and methods of performing magic (how the magic is cast), with some paranormal “non-magic” powers included.

I’m in the process of typing up a lot of notes into a coherent form, adding a few more notes, and working out what to expand, detail, and polish right now. If there’s enough interest, I may post a PDF here after I get everything typed up and edited.