Still Alive

Sorry the posts dried up.

It’s been a bit crazy around here.

Job 1 was understaffed because HR severely dragged its feet (like every semester) when it came to processing new hires.

Job 2 took some adapting, or re-adapting to the time slot.

Little sister got married two weeks back and last week was an aikido seminar with Hiroshi Ikeda Shihan.

There are three projects in the works, including expanding Ashford vignettes. Another’s fiction and the third’s currently mostly secret.

Brief Hiatus

Probably no substantial updates this week.

It’s the last week of the semester before finals, a.k.a. Hell Week (in the Writing Center, where I work).  It’s the point in the semester that every instructor knows.  That point when students suddenly go “Holy Crap!  I’m failing this class but I need to get a C!”  So, to say we’re inundated for tutoring is an understatement.  And the brain’s fried after leaving.

Still plodding along on two or three personal projects, and have a non-fiction research project on the back burner.  Hopefully, there will be considerable progress on all 3-4 during the six weeks of unpaid, mandatory vacation.  But, I found out I’m teaching two classes this Spring, after five years off, so there’s some prep to get done too.

Moving and Condensing

Over the next couple weeks, I’m shutting down a blog that I created as a fiction blog.  I’m moving all the posted pieces over here, so there will be a lot of old pieces I’ve written over the last 20-ish years showing up here shortly.

Content Questions

With the last of the Codex material posted, I now need to generate content again.  🙂

There is a project I’m working on, but as it’s handwritten (my preferred for fiction), it’s not exactly postable.

So, I’ll open this up to the hive mind.  Are there any questions or is there anything you’d like to see my take on covering:
– Writing (fiction or non-)
– Fantasy (written or film)
– Sci-Fi (written or film)
– Worldbuilding
– Education (post-secondary)
– History (pre-17th century)
– Gaming (Tabletop RPGs; I’m a bit behind, but still follow such things)

– Shapeshifters

– Magic (historical or genre)
– Anything else interesting

Of Blogs and Books

I had a thought last night and started some preliminary exploration this morning.

I’ve found that over the last four years of maintaining this blog, I have written over 24,300 words about world building and the F/UF/SF genres.  Combined with the roughly 20 posts I broadly conceived of in the last week or two . . . I’m seriously considering revising the 43 relevant posts and the upcoming 20-ish into something resembling a book.

I’m also considering setting up a Patreon account, to fund more writing time (that isn’t one of my 2.5 jobs – tutoring, resume writing, and freelance editing).

Planning Ahead

After the little question a short while back, I’ve been thinking.  So, to keep myself on track, and get some outlining, here are some of the “Genre Thoughts” I’ve thought up to work on in the coming year:

1) Protagonists (Number of)

2) Magic Items (probably 4 post series)

3) Lifespans (non-human and extending)

4) Fantasy/UF Species Revisited (detailed; probably 10 post series covering “classic” and less common species)

5) Myths & Legends (F, UF, SF)

Question: Content Preferences

Hi everyone,

Back from the holidays and in a new year.

I spent a bit of time skimming the stats on previous posts and have come to a conclusion: it appears that my mini-series on magic and worldbuild elements have been among my most popular posts to date (in views and likes), followed by musings on genre.

So, I thought I’d toss this out there:

Is there anything that you, my small group of readers, are interested in seeing me post about in the coming month or year?