Desicions: Soliciting Opinions

Ok, so part of the Keep expansion I’m working on is an aspidochelone. The issue I’m having at the moment is a question of size. Initially, I thought about making the island on its back about 2300 square miles (roughly size of the largest island in the Bahamas) with a 70,000 population. But, the more I work with it, the more I think I’d like it larger. So, I’m thinking about a major upgrade to approximately 90,000 square miles (a bit smaller than the UK), with a large population (which is really the goal).

Any thoughts from the readership?

(I’m already working out the water displacement issue and accounting for it.)

Earths, Magipocalypse, The Realm, & The Keep: Thoughts and Merging

After some thought, I decided to take the prologue I posted weeks ago and run with the magipocalypse inspiration that’s been floating in my head for months. However, I didn’t want to start an entirely new setting while in the process of working on The Keep. Fortunately, my madness worked things out preemptively.

I’d already written in a way to include two Earths in one setting.

The basic Keep setting idea focuses on two worlds: Earth and The Realm.

Earth is a hidden magic world with a variety of species and magic, as I discussed briefly previously, centered on the fictional city Newtown.

The Realm is a secondary world, where the Keep is located. The Keep is a structure and entity founded by Earth magicians on a peninsula on a continent on The Realm.

The Realm has two major continents: Lesyan and Niversi.

Niversi is less important right now, but it is where the majority of the native Realm populace lives. This continent is tied up with its own nations and problems. Its residents have no contact with or knowledge of Earth or the Keep.

Lesyan is where the Keep and its associated city, town, and nature preserve are located with a couple hundred thousand Earthers. Lesyan is uninhabited, as far as natives go . . . now. But, like all places, Lesyan has a long history. In this case, the continent’s history is loosely based on Chinese history: seven major kingdoms become three, become five, become a single unified empire. Then European history kicks in with a dark age after the empire collapses (yes, historians don’t use the phrase Dark Ages anymore). The dark ages end, new nations rise, history moves forward into a new age of magical experimentation and advancement.

Then something happens. I’m deliberately being unclear as to what (whether war magic, experiments gone awry, or whatnot). Regardless, everything on the continent is destroyed. The magical forces released change the continental geography. The fabric of magic on the continent is warped to the point that it adapts to what magic wielders expect. More importantly, perhaps, the barriers between The Realm and the multiverse become strained.

The end result is that inhabitants of many worlds have appeared on Lesyan (only around the coasts, for some reason; the interior is still basically wasteland). Among these is Earth and The Keep. But, given the properties of multiverses (see some of my earliest blog posts) and ultraverses, there’s nothing to stop the continent’s magic sink from drawing people or being opened to people from multiple alternate Earths.

The Keep (Worldbuild, notes)

A few notes on the Keep worldbuild so far:
1) All the note taking so far has been done on iPad Notes app (then expanded on MS Word).
2) Currently, I’ve more or less wrapped up phase one of Earth’s notes and phase one of the Realm’s notes (Earth’s “colonies” on the other dimension).
3) I’m in the process of gathering notes on a few native societies on the Realm (medieval fantasy).
4) I’m debating whether to go with a three other ideas I’ve been hit with in the last couple weeks that would add more expansion (sci-fi and fantasy) to the Realm and elements to mundane society on Earth.

The Keep (Worldbuild, pt. 1)

Just a little basic stuff.  Initially, this worldbuild was inspired by Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series and was meant to be post-apocalyptic fantasy.  Then it started to morph as I got into it.  Some elements remained, others changed drastically.  (Current word count: 26,365 including table of contents)

Magic ebbed throughout Earth for millennia.  That is, until two generations ago when the birth rates for non-humans and mundane-born magicians increased dramatically.  Despite this increase, the paranormal community remains in hiding from mundanes as it has done for 4000 years.

Paranormal governments vary by region with laws being set by the local government.  There is no government as such beyond the local or regional level.  Most localities set up laws regarding the basic necessities that allow society to exist (murder, theft) as well as concealment rules (which are mostly unnecessary due to the Shroud).  Any region that has a government has a police force of some sort as well as courts.  Everything else, including gender views, varies by region and faction.

Major Historical Events
50,000 BCE: The theoretical point of divergence of paranormals from humans
45,000 BCE: The theoretical creation of Atlantis and mage rule of the world
30,000 BCE: The theoretical destruction of Atlantis
10,000 BCE: Last ice age
10,000 to 2800 BCE: Paranormals become openly involved in mundane society
2800 BCE: Paranormals go into hiding and the Shroud achieves its current effect
2800 BCE to 1400 CE: Some paranormals secretly guide mundane society, most stay apart
1114 CE: The discovery of the Realm
1348-1351 CE: Plague in Europe; paranormals are mostly unaffected, but some flee to the Realm
16th to 18th c. CE: Witch and werewolf hunts pick up in Europe and North America
c. 1820 CE: The major factions start to form, for protection and enforcement, worldwide
1863 CE: The first international convention of magicians; agrees to reconvene every decade and sets standards for interference with mundanes
1868 CE: Virtually all non-humans agree to abide by ICM standards
1903 CE: The Fae revolt against ICM, led to three year war in paranormal community
1938 CE: The eastern paranormals rebel against western influence; a rift is formed and a cold war begins when the west tries to bring them back
1954 CE: The east-west cold war ends with Jeon-Kirollos Treaty; not a warm reunion, but a reunion nonetheless

Shroud, The

The Shroud is only known to occur on Earth, near concentrations of magic and paranormals.  Basically, it conceals the presence of magic and paranormals from mundanes.  It also interferes with post-19th century technology.  The Shroud is believed to be the result of a reaction between magic and some natural field present on Earth.  Some, however, think that Demons generate the Shroud.  The field does have some interesting effects, for instance mundane parents of a magician are unaffected by the Shroud for some reason.


Preferred fashion varies widely across the paranormal community.  Mundane styles are popular throughout most of the Earth population.  There are still some who favor robes or medieval/Ren faire inspired fashion, though.  The latter group are more prevalent on the Realm, near the Keep, but are not uncommon on Earth.  Style also depends to some degree on species and faction, for example the Satyrs and Nymphs lack nudity taboos, so often wear nothing at all.