About Me

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(Old photo, from a conference session; newer photo with my book at my alma mater)

What’s to say?  I’m a professional/amateur writer, writing tutor, and freelance editor.  I’m also addicted to worldbuilding.  And I occasionally dabble in fiction writing.

Writing tutor; sometime writer; compulsory worldbuilder; avid reader; sometime teacher (college/university level); parent; aikidoka (2nd kyu, ASU); sometime medievalist; specialist in children’s, YA, and shape-shifting literature; PhD (Literature); gamer (tabletop RPGs); Eagle Scout (and OA Brotherhood); anglophile, celtophile, norse-ophile; atheist, feminist, globalist, and all around “leftist”

Reasonably well traveled, to date: Canada (several times), Ireland (1999 & 2008), England (London only, 2008), China (Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Xi’an, 1988)

I am currently a writing center tutor and adjunct instructor at a community college.  I’ve also been:

a freelance resume and cover letter writer,

a recovery employee at a clothing retailer (seasonal),

an adjunct at a state university and a branch of a branch campus of said university,

an inventory control specialist/tech writer/editor for a NASA contractor,

a receptionist/mailroom clerk for MAC (the ATM people),

a cashier for a state university food court (and sometime barista, fry guy, and whatever else needed doing),

a college science library student supervisor (oversaw other student employees, copied errata, fixed the copier, answered reference questions, and gave directions to the restrooms),

a summer custodian at a middle school,

a public library page (shelved books, cleaned up, and <very quietly and unofficially> answered reference questions), and

a Safety Town instructor.

To date, I have a handful of academic book reviews, two scholarly articles, a scholarly book chapter, and a short story to my name as published material, with a scholarly book.  Then there’s a ton of papers written for classes and a couple academic conference presentations (Science Fiction Research Association conferences and the International Medieval Conference in Kalamazoo, MI).  Mostly, anymore, I write for myself, but I decided to put this together to let others see what’s in my head.

Current Publications

All works posted here are original and copyright belongs to Brent Stypczynski (years provided next to the titles).  Please ask permission before any kind of distribution/dissemination.

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  1. indytony says:

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    Thank you for following my blog – “A Way With Words” @


    I’ve been having some trouble with WordPress. I’m still posting daily. Keep visiting and I hope to have things worked out shortly.

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  2. lemonlime7421 says:

    Thanks for the follow! and wow! I love your blog! I really love all the tips that you are giving to all your readers! It really helps with my writing 🙂


  3. Scott Levine says:

    Thanks for the follow. I’m looking forward to checking out your site.


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