Post-Magipocalypse Intro Play 1

Maybe fifty years ago, the world was going on its business, probably killing itself twenty different ways. Then, about then, someone made a serum.

I don’t know who, man. And who the fuck cares? Ancient history.

Anyway, maybe it was supposed to kill a plague, end a pandemic, or something. Doesn’t really matter. Didn’t do whatever that was. Maybe killed some test subjects or whatever, but at least one had a side effect.

Dude could open gates.

Not fence gates.

Gates to other worlds, or one world.

No one’s done it since, and good thing.

Dude opened one gate and magic flooded into the world like a tsunami. Overloaded all the tech, shut down society as people back then knew it. Factories went dark, planes fell outta the sky, whole nine yards.

They say they got it closed again, fast, but the damage was done.

Societies that relied on electricity for everything had none. Cars stopped working, guns jammed, phones bricked, everything gone.

Bad days.


People fleeing cities.

Breakdown of law and order.

And that was the first three days.

Local governments and corps did what they could, with some other less official groups. But the feds, and even old state, folks were out of contact. In a couple weeks, man, things mostly settled in most places, from what I hear. Not great, but no more riots and a lot fewer murders and stuff.

Figures that’s when they started showing up.

People with powers.

People who could see and control ghosts. People who could make trees grow overnight. People who could curse at someone and really hurt them.

I hear they used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

Ain’t true anymore.

Riots and hangings by mobs started right up again, least until the corps and some others started protecting the witches, wizards, whatever. The corps saw a profit and a resource, the others, who knows. I guess some places were a lot worse, where really conservative religious types took over.


Over the next couple years, the magic people found a niche and the tech started to come back. People started mixing them. The governments were never the same. Too long with local and corp control of areas.

You know the corp areas, got their signs, wards, fences, and cops . . . and armies. And you know all the magic people now, the ghosties, the shapers, the bloods, the crafters, all of them. And the ones the shapers made, and the necros and crafters. People literally in all shapes and sizes now, whatever they can imagine, almost. Just watch out for the other factions, boss.

Keep your eyes open, your knife sharp, and your magic cutting edge.

2 comments on “Post-Magipocalypse Intro Play 1

  1. Calmgrove says:

    I liked this tale, especially the casual conversational manner it was told in and its open-endedness.

    Liked by 1 person

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