Playing Around 9

There have been tales of the First Families for almost as long as magical beings have existed.  All of the peoples, whether magician, abaa’ya, shifter, or gargoyle tell stories of the first of their kind.  Presumably, even the shadows do the same.

The existence of a progenitor of each people is undisputed.  There had to be a first genetic mutation or adaptation at some point, an origin of the specific genetic code.  It may have happened over millennia or all at once; with magical forces involved, determining which is all but impossible, either is possible.  However, from a modern perspective, knowing the names of our respective ancient, possibly prehistoric, ancestors seems rather unlikely.  Even more so the idea that these progenitors sired or bore undiluted children whose ancestors still walk among us in hiding today.

It seems infinitely more likely that our first ancestors mated with normal humans, which produced the second or third generation. From time to time, of course, we now know, an infusion of normal human genetic material helps prevent inbreeding and the death of magical peoples.  The possible exception in both cases, of course, being the abaa’ya whose first ancestor may, theoretically, still walk the world and who may be able to alter their genes enough to prevent the problems of long term inbreeding.

In short, we find the stories surrounding the Firsts to be nothing but myth and legend shrouded in superstition.

-excerpt from “A Genetic History of the Magical Community”

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