Playing Around 8

We have been called by many names over the millennia.

Undying.  Shtriga.  Vetala.  Strigoi.  Vrykolakas.  Undead.

The last is untrue, of course, and a deadly insult among us.

We prefer the name we call ourselves, in the ancient tongue: abaa’ya.  Literally, “the People”.  Not very poetic, but the first of our kind lived in a more practical time.

You may think you know much about us, from legends, stories, and the screen.  All carefully crafted falsehoods.  Most of it at least.  We are living beings.  The sun holds no fear for us.  We, mostly, do not have exaggerated Eastern European accents.

The truth is, most of you walk by us everyday without knowing it.  Unless you know the subtle signs to look for, possess a shifter’s acute senses, or can see auras, you would never truly see us.

Still, you are largely safe.

It is true that many of us see you as mayflies, with your brief, mortal, lives.  And it is true that a few see you as little more than prey, but they are a tiny minority.  It is also true that we do prey upon mortals, that is unavoidable.  However, we do not kill, unless absolutely necessary or deserved.  These days, most of our meals are volunteers, not hunted or forced.  For many, even most, that has always been the case.

That much, I can safely let you know.  The rest of our secrets must remain just that, except to say that we cannot make you like us.  You much be born of our kind.

-excerpt from “A Life Eternal” by V. Draco

(Pseudonym, supposedly a novel, but senior abaa’ya wish to locate the author)



The People.

That really says all you need to know right there.  Their own name for themselves says that they are people, and the rest of us aren’t.


A fancy name for deviants.  Predators.  Monsters.

They try to make themselves look respectable with their Houses and social rules.  But that is only the side they present so others will accept them.

They have managed to deceive the rest of the magical community.

Meanwhile, they continue to feed on humanity, living on blood and sex like the deviant monsters they truly are.

They don’t see the rest of us as people, only as prey at best, sheep at worst.  They look upon us with arrogance and superiority, as if we are nothing more than food.  And that is exactly what we are to them.


Don’t use that fancy name.

Call them what they are: Parasites.  Vampires.

And carry silver and magic, their weaknesses.

Be prepared and don’t let the parasitic monsters fool you with their lies about themselves.

-Vollker, a mouthpiece of Humans First (a human/mage supremacist organization)

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