Playing Around 7

The magical community’s lack of unified governance has, as one might reasonably expect, resulted in problematic consequences.  The system of schools, whether martial, meditative, or magical, has, of course, mitigated the difficulties to some extent.  However, there is only so much a loose association of local and regional schools can do to bring social order and security.  The limited range of enforcement, typically no farther than the walls, has obvious results, regardless of the size of the school, reputation of instructors, or lessons they attempt to impart.

As a community, we must acknowledge that instructors can only do so much.  They can impart knowledge, but it is on the student to decide whether to accept the teaching.  While most do, there will always be notable exceptions who do not, and even more who consider their harmful actions to be small enough so as to be harmless.

Although our current social system worked well enough in the past, it has not adapted and is not suited to the modern world.

This is the direct cause of the modern rise in organized crime, mercenary activities, and establishment of pseudo-religious cults preying upon the normal human populace, and perpetuated by the magical community.

Therefore, for these and other reasons, we propose the creation of national and continental councils to govern the magical community.  These councils are to be comprised of equal numbers of sorcerers, witches, and wizards and will both create and enforce reasonable legal standards as well as represent all magicians in talks and relations with such non-human governance as exists currently and in the future.

-excerpt from a publication of the Magicians United organization

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