Playing Around 6

Humanity is not alone in the world, and never has been.

But, do not believe all the stories you have heard.  Reality became myth, turned into legend, and evolved into folklore.  Along the way, the truth became stretched, torn, broken, and sewn back together in incorrect, often bizarre, ways.

Take shifters, for example.  They are not monstrous beasts, though they can be scary if you anger them.  Nor are they hippie, druid, tree huggers . . . well, some are, but not because they are shifters.  They are simply ordinary people with one extra-ordinary ability or two.


They exist, but hope you never meet one.  They are not the white, shiny symbols of purity that Christian nobles made them out to be.  They are dangerous, carnivorous, cunning creatures, tough to trap and even tougher to slay.

For the most part, the magical community plays live and let live with the rest of the world.  A bit of “What they don’t know won’t kill them”, or us.  It has worked quite well for a few thousand years, long enough to become second nature for us.

Since you do not come from a magical family and your acceptance to Hollyoake College is also your introduction to the magical community, you will have a year long required course that will cover all the basics you will need to know to function in our society.

Good luck and enjoy.

-New Student Orientation Pamphlet B, Hollyoake College

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