Playing Around 5

When Egypt was young, magician and human lived in harmony.  Schools of magic were founded in that ancient nation, that utopic land.  In time, the waves of Greek and Roman invasions turned into Christians and Muslims, who effectively destroyed the relations between human and magician.  The schools dissolved, and only one reformed.  We held the old ideals, renamed the Shadow School, first in India, then China, as we moved around the continents.  In time, we, the last magic school of Egypt, found a home in the Ebon Spire.

You are now joining that ancient tradition.

At the end of orientation week, you will each petition to join the house that will be your social and study network both at school and beyond.  Choose wisely, and heed the recommendations of your advisors.

House Bast seeks knowledge to protect themselves and others.

House Bes seeks knowledge to secure joy and good in life.

House Horus seeks knowledge to better lead others.

House Sekhmet seeks knowledge to fight and serve.

House Serket seeks knowledge to heal.

House Setesh seeks knowledge for personal gain and power.

House Thoth seeks knowledge for its own sake.

You will learn more of each house from advisors over the coming week.  You will also learn the Shadow School philosophy: All come to knowledge for their own reasons and no knowledge is forbidden.  To fail to learn is the greatest, and only, sin.

-Master Anne Roper, Shadow School, to new students


You are all here today because you have been observed for the last two years and recommended by your masters for advanced training.  And you decided to accept that training.

To that end, you will become members of House Neith.

House Neith does not officially exist.

No student can petition to join House Neith, one can only be invited.

While part of House Neith, you will retain membership in your official house.

Once part of House Neith, you will be part of the house for life.  Your first loyalty will always be to House Neith.  Your second loyalty will be to your comrades.

In House Neith, you will learn the truth of the Shadow School.  You will learn the truth of our hiding.  The true reasons.  The truth of our history in Egypt, our sojourn in India, our stay in Asia.

Neith is the Egyptian goddess of hunters.

As students of House Neith, that is what you will become, hunters.

Hunters of men.

And we will show you why the Black Rose leaves our territory in peace.

But, before that, to reach that level, we will push you to your physical and mental limits and beyond to achieve your absolute best.

-Master Isolde Wayne, Head of House Neith, Shadow School

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