Playing Around 4

One of the great mysteries of the magical community, the Ebon Spire ranks near the top with the Nine Cities, perhaps above them.  Simply put, the Ebon Spire is an abandoned pocket dimension that has been settled by squatters.  That does not tell the whole story, though.

What makes the Spire the enigma that it is is that it is a massive pocket dimension filled with impressive, interconnected buildings of a scale akin to giants.  Not only that, but there is no record of the Spire’s true name, creators, or builders.  It acquired its current name from the dominant structure at the center, a titanic tower of darkest ebony.

The Spire is connected to Earth at many points, on both dimensions.  The plethora of gates is part of the difficulty in determining even a rough population of squatters.  In fact, locals circulate stories of gates that connect to other, non-Earth, worlds, and a few believe the Spire is non-terrestrial in origin.  Some have theorized that the Spire is a waypoint or bridge to connect Earth to other worlds, either before the Nine Cities of to circumvent them, if they do indeed create a ward.

Although no creator is known, the so-called Silent Monks, one of the Spire’s three major factions, does appear to reside in the dimension’s namesake and might be caretakers.  They do not speak or otherwise communicate with outsiders, so there is no sure way to tell beyond observations.

-excerpt from Magical Mysteries by E.M. Floyd, B.M., M.A., M.M., S.K.A., E.S.


No one has any certain information about the Silent Monks, except that they wear hooded robes of mottled grey and white and they refuse to communicate with outsiders.  They go where they please within the greater Ebon Spire, and circumvent all attempts to prevent their free passage.  Both we and the Black Rose have given up on such measures, long ago.

Attempts to enter their sanctum, the Spire proper, have been rebuffed for centuries.  A few have recorded attempts to disguise themselves as monks, to infiltrate or to use their reputation.  What happened to these unfortunates is best left unsaid and not dwelled upon.

The last attempt to remove the Monks, at least the last recorded attempt, occurred in 1897.  One of the, then, great factions of the Spire, called the Dragon Circle, tried to forcibly remove the monks.  As to the result . . . the monks remain and the Dragon Circle exists as nothing but a story and a warning to others.  Suffice to say, we have made no attempts ourselves, nor have the Black Rose.

Our current policy regarding the monks is to leave their, minimal, territory sacrosanct and to pretend we do not see them elsewhere.  Complete non-interference at all times.  If you see one, do not point it out, attempt contact with it, or anything else.  Simply go about your normal business.

-Master Carlos Ostry, Shadow School

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