Playing Around 3

The Black Rose is a scourge upon both magical and normal human society.  There is very little that is illegal in the human world that they do not have a hand in.  The same is true in the magical community.  If the Houses, Clans, and Schools decide it is forbidden, the Rose will begin peddling it.

They have branches and thorns in every major city in the world, from illicit casinos to arms dealers, protection rackets to smuggling.  But, no one has been able to catch any Rose leaders above a second tier, like middle management.  Worse, as soon as we shut down one arms warehouse, three casinos and a smuggling ring pop up and take its place.

For the last decade, some in the Houses and Clans have set up a joint alliance to share intelligence about the Rose.  We’ve even coordinated with human agencies like the FBI, Interpol, and BKA off and on, with no significant results.

All involved individuals and organizations agree that the only way to fully remove the Black Rose is the decapitate it.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to find the location, or even identities, of its leader, or leaders.

On the level of rank and file through low tier leadership, the Rose draws from all peoples, including humans, and too many backgrounds to produce a profile.

-Report on the Black Rose, prepared by Gail Clark, Clan Bradford

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