Productive Hiatus

Sorry this place has been dead lately, if anyone noticed.

I’ve been focusing on various writing projects, life, work, and editing jobs lately (and trying, unsuccessfully, to find a new job).

Just the other day, I completed a first draft of a non-fiction book built out of my series of posts about magic in fantasy from a few years ago. Currently, it clocks in at 47,000 words and 160 pages, pretty much off the top of my head. The plan is to take a week away, then come back to edit, rework, and add some research.

Also, last week (or thereabouts), a book I did copyediting on was released: The Big Top on the Big Screen, a collection of essays on representations of circuses in movies.

One comment on “Productive Hiatus

  1. Calmgrove says:

    I had noticed, Brent, never fear. I wish you luck with finding a new and more fulfilling job and with finding a publisher for your new book.


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