Naothlan Vignette #5 (2019)

“Nigel, Livinia, could you head over to the marsh today?  Brody was by there last night and said the hydra’s looking off.”

“We were scheduled for the stables, horse check-ups.  That’ll be the whole morning,” Livinia noted, with a glance at the paper before her.  The sunlight through the window highlighted her short, green hair.

Erin Lloyd nodded.

“Afternoon’s fine.  Push the north glade check back to tomorrow if you need to, it’s not an urgent.”

“Does it need both of us?” Nigel asked.  “Ehren has a pregnant pegasus in the hills that’s due any day now.  One of us should be near, just in case.”

Erin ran a hand through her own short bob as she considered.  Prioritizing endangered species, especially when short staffed . . .

“I’d rather have two along, since it’s the hydra and may be agitated,” to understate the potential problems.  Seven regenerating heads made even routine checkups interesting.  “But, I’ll see if Avery has anyone he can spare to escort and help out.  Any preferences?”

“I’ll take the marsh.  Liv’s got more experience with the pegasi, and they seem to like her better.”

Livinia nodded.

“If Jamari’s available, he’s always been helpful, especially with the hydra and other amphibians.  Good in an emergency too,” she suggested.  He worked well with Nigel in the past.

“I’ll see what I can do.  Have fun, guys.  I’ll let you know, Nigel, in a bit,” Erin said, already returning to the never-ending ‘To Do’ list before they’d left the tiny, cramped office.

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