Library Vignette #4 (2019)

The pile of stone, rubble really, and powdered rock was certainly not going to clean itself up.  It would also take rather a lot more than the simple restoration spells in his repertoire, Arden thought.

“One of those field people, wasn’t it?  Careening around like the place is indestructible,” he muttered.  “Grandstanders the lot of ‘em.  Bet it was Miller, or one of his . . . cronies.”  There, that was a suitably villainous word, he added to himself.

“Can’t say, I’m afraid, Mr. Chute,” the older librarian next to him said.  “Young Warner came into the workshop this morning and reported it.  Says he found it on his way down.”

Second floor, good sized chunk of the balustrade, Arden noted.

“Alright.  I’ll get it cleaned up and on the list, unless you might know a quicker fix?”

The other man shook his head and rapidly shuffled down the steps.

“Didn’t think so.”

Realistically, he would probably have to talk to the Chief Librarian about getting an elementalist or stone mason in to repair the damage, with a replacement.  Unless they had a librarian who could.  Possible, but unlikely.  Most of them did not go in for practical magic, and he couldn’t think of any experienced earth elementalists among the librarians.

Or . . .

Arden shrugged as he finished the clean-up.

It was a long shot, but just possible there might be a spell in the Magic Collection  If he could find it.  And if he could learn it.  The first count was likely, they put everything in the collection.  The second, though, well, it looked like the damage was beyond anything he’d fixed around the mansion before.

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