General Vignette #1 (2019)

Origin Legend

In the beginning, so the stories say, there was Man.

After millennia passed, in which Man changed in form and knowledge, a new man was born.  This man, whom we call the Progenitor, displayed abilities, faculties, powers beyond those of his fellows.  Or her, the stories are unclear.  Where these powers came from is also unclear.  Some legends suggest they resulted from mutations.  Others believe the intervention of outsiders, whether interplanetary or interdimensional, was involved.  A diminishing few believe the Progenitor was divine in origin.

Alone in the world, a world that feared and worshiped them, the Progenitor took a succession of mates from amongst the humans.  Each was outlived, but each produced a child with the Progenitor.  Today, we call them the Second Generation.  Their names are recorded in legend as: Ananya, La’ibum, Manywe, and Golga.  Each possessed part of the Progenitor’s powers.

Ananya lived in seclusion for many generations.  Eventually, she took a child of Manywe as mate.  From their union, two children were brought to the world.  The eldest was the first Fenix, a child of the Second and Third generations.  The second was the first dragon.  According to some, a third child was born, but no tales hold this child’s name or traits.

For his part, Manywe studied the natural forces of the world.  He took to wife a number of human women, whom he outlives, as an immortal or near immortal.  With those mortals, Manywe produced six children, each inheritor to a fraction of his power, as the Progenitor’s line was diluted.  These six, of the Third Generation, were the world’s first true magicians.  They studied under their father, with each mastering one of the modern magical arts.  In time, Manywe’s eldest would marry Ananya and produce the immortal races.

Like his sister, La’ibum left the settlements of men.  However, he did not spend his time in seclusion and contemplation.  Rather, he studied the birds and beasts.  He learned to incorporate their traits and strengths in himself.  La’ibum never married, but he did sire five children, four with humans and one with a beast.  The youngest returned to the realms of Men and adapted her father’s teaching and talent.  La’ibum’s children became the first of the shifters, before the almasti and wargs diverged.

Of the last of the Second Generation, Golga, the surviving legends say nothing beyond her name.  The silence feeds speculation among scholars and the public alike.  Many believe she was struck from the record, disowned by the Progenitor.  Others think her line of descendants removed her from the stories to hide or protect themselves.  Most believe she simply disappeared, easy enough to do in the ancient days.

4 comments on “General Vignette #1 (2019)

  1. Calmgrove says:

    You’ve caught the language and the tone of origin myths, the way that it’s assumed the audience knows at least the names and some of the attributes of those mentioned, and a setting out of the relationships.

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  2. Calmgrove says:

    You’re very welcome. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of your other vignettes but didn’t get round to commenting, sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

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