Four Corners Vignette #3 (2019)

“Hernán, where are we on the Tierney contract?”

Hernán Wilcox, half of the founding members of Howey & Wilcox, looked up from his desk.  He scratched his greying beard.

“Kyrah took the down payment just this morning, I think.”

His partner, Theodora Howey, nodded to herself and made a note on the pad before her.  Her bushy tail, that marked her as a jager, swayed as she thought.

“Given the job and subject matter,” she said, “I think I’ll see if Katrina’s available to consult.”

Hernán paused a moment, his eyes unfocused in thought.

“Rathmell?  Yes, yes, she would be a good asset.  Haven’t’ seen her around in a while either.  Be good to talk with her again, always has some interesting new find.”

“I’ll confirm payment with Kyrah and drop by her office in a bit then.”

These days, Theodora reflected, most of the research was kept in house, now that the firm had grown enough to employ a fair variety of people.  But, in the early days, they had outsourced a number of jobs to people in her extensive network of expert specialists.  Of course, Hernán had done a considerable amount on the magical side of things, as she had done on the more mundane research side.  They had agreed early on, though, that they would bring in experts as necessary for things they did not feel as qualified to be gathering data on.

The Tierney contract certainly counted.

Getting the current information it called for was right up her alley.  But, the client was looking for a couple centuries worth of information, and Katrina Rathmell, with her knowledge of spirits, was the best historian they had on call for consults.

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