Four Corners Vignette #2 (2019)

Helena Bannik ran a hand over her face, ostensibly wiping away tension.  The act also masked her spellcasting, on herself, not either of her recalcitrant companions.

“Seriously, Lawrence?  Do you think me some kind of fool?  You think I know nothing of your reputation?”

Viola Ehrich, Four Corners resident and heir to a modest fortune.  Not known for her grasp of social graces, beyond ordering around servants.

“No, I know you to be a fool and irrational.  Your family’s stake isn’t worth what it once was.  Realistically, you must sell at a loss, as the business is not worth what it was, even six years ago.”

Lawrence Bear, her other client.  An alchemist who, rumors and evidence suggested, had never been particularly apt or studious in his magic.  But, he made up for it with a penchant for business, specifically buying and profiting from others’ businesses.

Both headstrong, proud, and firmly convinced of their own genius.

And she had to find common ground.

At a loss after two hours, Helena let her eyes roam Four Corners’ central square.  Her ears and subconscious recorded and processed the bickering while she watched the blissfully unstressed visitors and locals enjoying the sunny day and cool breezes.  Some strolled across the cobble square, on a mission or simply taking in the scenery.  Others lounged at black, ornate wrought iron tables like her clients, though considerably more relaxed.

After a few calming moments, Helena decided she should probably intervene before one of her clients killed the other.

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