Ashford Grows & Looking Ahead

For the last couple months, I have been expanding both most of the Ashford vignettes and the world itself.  In the process, I’ve written several additional vignettes set in the broader world.  These aren’t typed yet.

Next week (the week of the 3rd), I plan to begin posting those vignettes on, probably, Fridays.  They’ll interweave with the Ashford ones.  I’ll still tag them Ashford, even though they don’t take place at that specific site.

Also, we’re less than 2 weeks from the Origins Game Fair–June 12th-16th.  I plan on spending two days there with my son and a half day alone, with accompanying photos and write-ups of the games we demo (probably a lot from Iello, Calliope, and SJGames, though I also want to his Asmodee N.A. and a few others).  Plus, Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon are the author Guests of Honor this year.

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