Ashford Vignette #5 (2019)

Olivia sighed and looked up from the paper she had been writing on.  There were only so many ways to say “nothing happened”, but she had a thousand words to write on the effect of witch trials in medieval Europe.  The only problem was that there weren’t many, and the few that did happen had no impact she could see.  Now, the Renaissance or Enlightenment witch burnings, that she could write a book on.

As she looked around the cavernous library from her post at the desk, a young man walked up.

“Hi, where are the rest . . .”

“Turn left, follow the restroom sign.”

Since she had started working in the library, that was the most asked question.  Despite the large sign, posted two feet away at eye level, that said “Restrooms”.

Could be worse, though, she thought, returning to her paper.  At least it was quiet and she could get some homework done.  Her friend Chen had gotten a job cleaning the alchemy labs.

She shuddered a little.

The main library, massive as it was, was so much better.

“Excuse me . . .”

Olivia looked up again to see another student, about her own age.

“How can I help you?”

“I’m looking for the section on blood magic . . .”

Olivia nodded, “You want the first floor library.  Near Master Caraccilo’s office, three halls down from the dining hall.  They have all the enhancer texts.”

The other woman turned and scurried out of the library, but not before Olivia caught her harried expression.

Not even a thanks, she thought.  Probably an assignment due tomorrow.

Thinking of which, she heaved another sigh and returned to her own homework.

One comment on “Ashford Vignette #5 (2019)

  1. Calmgrove says:

    A lovely little piece of flash fiction, quite charming and yet hinting at something if not sinister then somehow forbidden.

    Liked by 1 person

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