Ashford: Quick Guide to Magical Beings (2019)


Alchemists mix ingredients through various processes to create elixirs.

Elementalists control the six elements—air, earth, fire, metal, water, and wood.

Sorcerers follow laws and tried-and-true rituals to produce magical effects.

Theurges call upon and make pacts with extra-terrestrial entities for spells and powers.

Witches practice magic by intuition, rarely reproducing a spell exactly the same way twice.

Wizards are magical magpies, taking whatever works and adopting it.



Almasti are humans who can assume and animal form, with practice and experience.

Changelings can take any humanoid form they desire, with practice and experience

Hamr are humans who can also assume a hybrid human-beast shape for one species.

Hengeyokai are animals who are able to take a human shape.

Wargs are rare humans who can assume the form of a single, prehistoric beast.

Werebeasts are humans who are able to assume both beast and hybrid forms for one species.



Gargoyles are humanoids of living, moving stone created as guardians.

Jagers are humans with beast genes created as trackers and hunters.

Reynir are a failed experiment; they are telepaths who generally go insane.

Tenebrae are humans capable of assuming a shadow form created as spies and assassins.

Woodwose are intelligent humanoids of wood capable of walking, created as companions and guardians.

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