Plans & Life Changes

Hey all,

Now that Hell Week ended yesterday (54 of 56 sessions booked, no breaks, whew), I figured I’d detail what I’m working on. I’m gonna bulletpoint this, though.

1) Possibly going back to teaching in January, with side tutoring. So, syllabus & lessons, woohoo.

2) Might be interviewing for an editor job in the next couple weeks, if they liked my pre-interview. Fingers crossed.

3) I have a couple posts in mind.

3a) I’ve been thinking about Captain America: Civil War and a particular sub-text that I think has been ignored or missed.

3b) I have some things on education that I’ve been passively researching.

4) I’m wrapping a worldbuild draft.

5) Working on a, probably 60-ish page, story. About 43 pages in and have a bit of a big wrap-up.

6) Kind of working some back burner stories in the Island world. Different characters & parts of the world.

And there’s some other stuff rattling around in my head.

I hope to make some progress in the next two weeks, while I have the house to myself (before the primary/secondary schools let out for break).

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