Editing Services

From now to June 4th, 2018, I am open for editing jobs.


Proofreading (spelling, punctuation)—US$1.50 per page*

Copy Editing (grammar, clarity)—US$3.00 per page*
Content Editing (accuracy, plot development)—US$4.00 per page*
—Copy/Content with length reduction—US$ equal to 1% of the necessary word count reduction (ex. if the document needs to be reduced by 1000 words = $10)**

* One page is defined as Times New Roman, 12pt, double spaced, with 1” margins, or roughly 250-300 words

** Incidental word count reduction from normal copy/content editing does not apply, only editing with intent to reduce word count.


1) Client sends a Word document (.doc or .docx) via email (brentstypczynski at gmail.com).
2) I proofread, comment, etc., rename the file (usually add “A1”) to prevent file replacement confusion, and return the file.
3) I wait 24 hours for acknowledgement of receipt and feedback.
4) After 24 hours, I send an invoice via PayPal.

Turnaround time depends on file length, services, and volume.  I attempt a 48 hour or lower turnaround time for most documents (5k-6k word length or lower, proofreading or copy editing).


I have experience working on grant proposals, dissertations, academic articles, magazine articles, operations manuals, user manuals, novels, and a host of other documents.  I have extensive knowledge of MLA formatting, significant experience with APA and CMS, minor knowledge of AMA and ASA formatting.


PhD in English Language and Literature

11 years experience teaching (and marking/grading) college composition
4 years experience as a college writing tutor covering composition, business, history, psychology, philosophy, biology, MHAD, SAHS, economics, computer science, and a variety of other fields
16 years of freelance editing experience, including a brief stint with a NASA contractor

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