Content Questions

With the last of the Codex material posted, I now need to generate content again.  🙂

There is a project I’m working on, but as it’s handwritten (my preferred for fiction), it’s not exactly postable.

So, I’ll open this up to the hive mind.  Are there any questions or is there anything you’d like to see my take on covering:
– Writing (fiction or non-)
– Fantasy (written or film)
– Sci-Fi (written or film)
– Worldbuilding
– Education (post-secondary)
– History (pre-17th century)
– Gaming (Tabletop RPGs; I’m a bit behind, but still follow such things)

– Shapeshifters

– Magic (historical or genre)
– Anything else interesting

4 comments on “Content Questions

  1. Calmgrove says:

    Speaking selfishly I’d be happy to see your takes on written fantasy and medieval history, but really anything that intrigues you would be of interest. If you’re going to write about shapeshifting perhaps something about the actual mechanics or biology would be refreshing, as fantasy authors generally seem to avoid the sheer practicalities of the process. Though perhaps you discuss this in your werewolves book that I’ve yet to arrive at… 🙂

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  2. Duly noted and copied to mull over.

    I didn’t cover practicalities in the book, although some authors I looked at did (Harris does to some extent, Pratchett does on one level too, a few in the last chapter think about those things too). I mostly focused on the depictions, what they stood for, and what they tell us (I think/hope). 🙂

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