Codex: Other Beings (2017)

Other Beings

There are tales around the world of other species beyond the aforementioned five.  Despite coming from credible sources, these tales are still hearsay and have not been confirmed by recorded sightings or other solid information.  Therefore, we can speculate that other beings exist, or once did, but we cannot confirm their existence or provide significant information about them.

Perhaps the most common of these species is the merfolk.  Legends of mermaids, mermen, sirens, and related species go back for millennia.  This is true for both human and sorcerous sources and societies.  Evidence is sorely lacking, though, perhaps because of the difficulties inherent in collecting data and samples from beneath the seas.  Despite these issues, there are unconfirmed reports of sightings every year from the Everglades, the Mediterranean, Venice’s canals, Scandinavia, and the south Pacific.

Related to merfolk, in some ways, selkies are another that comes up regularly.  Originally coming out of the British Isles, some claim sightings of seals that become human in shape from San Francisco to South Africa, Argentina to Norway on an annual basis.  Researchers who rush to the sites have yet to find any actual evidence of real selkies.  A few sorcerers who have talked with Changers broached the topic and were met with silence or denials of such creatures existing (Lee and Wharton; Tamisen; McLeod).

Finally, in their extensive studies on nymphs, Huff and Lewis independently note references to satyrs, or fauns.  These part-goat men, they say, are discussed by many nymphs.  Supposedly, they are needed by nymphs for reproduction, and vice versa.  The nymphs supposedly are entirely female.  Huff theorizes a symbiotic relationship between the species, in an odd twist of evolution.  Lewis believes that the satyr and the nymph are really the same species with phenotypic differences tied to the X and Y chromosomes.

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