Codex: Nymphs (2017)


Nymphs are an unusual species directly and closely tied to the Earth.  They appear to be an entirely female species that relies on other species, particularly satyrs and humans, to reproduce (Huff).  Due to this oddity of reproduction, nymphs seem to be a dying species.  A low reproductive rate and dwindling supply of partners, particularly satyrs, are only part of the problem for nymphs.  They seem to be immortal, or effectively so, but are inextricably tied to a natural feature, be it a given tree, stream, mountain, or grove.  They cannot leave the feature, and possess control over it, but should their feature die or become polluted, so does the nymph (Lewis).  In addition to their control of their territory, Huff and Lewis confirm that nymphs have some fertility altering powers akin to those of wood sorcerers.

Dryads—trees and forests

Hamadryads—oak trees

Heleionomae—marshes and wetlands

Leimenides—pastures and fields


Meliae—honey and bees


Nereids—salt water



Between them, Huff and Lewis identified many classes of nymph (see insert). The full list presented by both is significantly longer and includes sub-classes.  For instance, potemeides seem to be a sub-set of naiads.  An exact census of nymphs is impossible, but anecdotal evidence passed between nymph groups indicates that their numbers are dwindling fast.

The Greensward sect of the Black Order is attempting to preserve and aid nymphs, but they are a relatively small sect and do not have full Council backing.  The Council has officially recognized the plight of nymphs, but has not taken action due to a resurgence of Ravager activity in the last year that is draining resources.

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