Codex: Fae (2017)


Called the Fair Folk, the Gentry, the Good Neighbors, alvar, elf, the fae yet remain a mystery to the Arcanum, and sorcerers in general.  The witches and theurgists seem to have no more information either.  Even the Changers, dragons, dwarves, and nymphs can shed no more light upon them, or choose not to do so.  There are a few things that we are certain of, regarding the fae.

They are definitely humanoid and human-like in appearance.  Reports of their size vary from waist high to a human all the way to a foot or more taller than humans.  All agree on a slender build, though, oval faces, almond eyes, and gently pointed ears.  The whole is said to combine into an appearance of unearthly beauty.  In personality, they are said to favor style over substance, but have an innate capriciousness and become easily bored (Beal and Mosseley).  According to some researchers, notably Beal and Langland, the fae may be immortal, or effectively so.  Obviously, this is difficult, if not impossible, to confirm.

Langland and Mosseley independently record the fae’s most effective power.  They appear to be innate masters of illusion, or glamour.  There is great debate in specialist circles as to whether this ability manipulates light and sound or whether it affects the mind directly, as a sort of enchantment or charm.  The power appears to be most commonly used to affect they fae themselves and their surroundings.  Nothing can be trusted in their presence.

The fae seem to be content to keep mostly to themselves in barrow halls, reliving past glories and decadent parties (Beal).  Even so, the Council strongly recommends avoiding the fae at all costs and has set up sorcerous markers near known and suspected fae courts.

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