Codex: Dwarves (2017)


Reclusive denizens of the dark, dwarves have been known throughout history for their craftsmanship and greed.  It is said that when the gods were strong enough to walk Earth, the dwarves made most of the magical and wondrous devices associated with them.  They have an inherent magic that they are capable of employing only through imbuing objects with powers (Moritz).  Most of these items are traded to mortals and gods, so history says, in return for riches that the craftsmen hoard or use to create more devices.  Or used to.  For the last three millennia, the dwarves have become increasingly reclusive.  Today, they rarely leave their mountain kingdoms.  Or so we assume, since the last researcher who was able to gain new information and directly speak to a dwarf was de Ville in 1803.

According to de Ville, dwarves are stout, powerfully built humanoids topping out at five feet, six inches.  She noted that they seemed perfectly able to see well in the darkest of tunnels, but did prefer light from various sources.  However, they did not care for direct sunlight, which de Ville theorized harmed their eyes.  Beards, de Ville says, were very common, but it was unclear whether they were cultural or fashionable versus unavoidable.  De Ville, unfortunately, was only given minimal access to an Icelandic settlement for a single day.

Since there has been no confirmed contact in over two centuries, and dwarven settlements appear to be impervious to common air and earth information sorceries, our information is significantly out of date.  Still, the Council does not believe the dwarves to be extinct.  There is, they say, some intelligence that suggests dwarves contact with both dragons and the fae, though to what extent and purpose is either unclear or classified.

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