Codex: Changers (2017)


The Changers are, simply, humans who can transform into animals.  It is more complicated than that, though.  Massey identified three shapes that each Changer can assume: human, beast, and man-beast hybrid.  Massey further discovered, through time living amongst the Changers, that all of their beast forms are mammals and that each is limited to one animal, ex. wolf, bear, tiger, horse.  They are able to change form at will, with nothing that can force a change.  Also, they are unable to transmit their condition.  Bynum’s research added that silver, wolfsbane, all those legends are simply that.  Bynum claims that only magic and supernatural claws can prevent a Changer’s regenerative powers from working.  Beheading has also been found to be effective.

Fortunately, there has been little need to dispatch Changers in the past.  Even in the rare cases it was necessary, it was done in support of Changer groups that requested assistance.  For the most part, Arcanum-Changer relations have historically been good, due in large part to the efforts of the Greensward sect of the Black Robes, and related sects.  This closer relationship has provided Arcanum scholars with more knowledge of Changers than of any other species aside from the Guardians and Ravagers.

Changers tend to be communal oriented despite their beast species.  We would, for instance, expect wolves to be pack oriented and bears or panthers to be solitary.  But, this is not the case with Changers, according to Summers.  Summers also explains that, although they can be found in major metropolises, Changers tend to congregate in rural area, or places with easy access to rural territory.  Most Changer groups do, Massey says, tend to gather on a monthly basis, possibly a source of the full moon change myth.  During gatherings, Massey says that Changers settle grievances, make alliances and pacts, and run free in all forms. Summers also notes that Changers lack any nudity taboos.

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