Codex: Non-Human Species (2017)

Non-Human Species

Every magic wielding species, regardless of the variety of magic, appears to be engaged in a long standing, perhaps perpetual, conflict against forces of evil and destruction.  We sorcerers oppose the Ravagers who seek to feed on humanity.  The theurgists fight against chaos and seek to impose, or protect, order.  The witches engage in war with their own kind, their version of sorcerous apostates.  Some believe that there are also some denizens of Earth who are not involved.  Amongst these species are such recognizable names as changers, dragons, and nymphs.

Unlike the Ravagers and Guardians, these other beings appear to be natives of this world.  The histories and other sources that mention them go back to the earliest recorded days of sorcery.  Oral tales appear to stretch back even further.  The humans know of them, at least as legends, and they appear in human folklore and art traced back over 10,000 years, by human means of dating.  Our own methods seem to confirm these estimates.  According to some theories, these beings may have been born of the earth long before the earliest days of humanity (Tyerman; Mancoff and Baring; Henningson).

Sorcerers over the millennia have had significant contact with a few of these species.  In those cases, considerable information has been acquired from notes, journals, and other sources gathered around the globe.  However, despite their great age and our knowledge of their existence, some, such as the nymphs, have been very reclusive in nature, whether by nature or by need for protection.  In those cases, some of these beings remain an enigma even to the most modern of researchers.  There are rumors that some of these beings are extinct, or are rapidly becoming so, as it can be difficult to impossible to find any of them today.

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