Between 2 (2017)

What is the Between?

It is migraine inducing, if you think about it too much.

But, I’m sure you’d like a more serious, less flippant, answer.

It appears to be a realm, a place of pure magic that exists as a buffer between Earth and the Shadow and Spirit Realms.  It consists of scores, hundreds of regions that both occupy the same space simultaneously and are next to each other.  The metaphysics and geography are maddening.  It’s best not to think about that part.

The Between is home to many societies and creatures.  It is host to the places of Earth’s legends: Irem of the Pillars, Shangri-La, the Goblin Market, the Mirror Roads, Sunken Atlantis.  It is home to humanity’s greatest fears and archetypes, like the Shadow Paths and Werwood.  It is, in some ways, both platonic and Jungian, the place of forms and archetypes made manifest.

—Hunter Bradley, explorer, Shan Tzu Institute, Hong Kong, The Institute


I’ve updated the previous story PDF and added this piece to it as well

2 comments on “Between 2 (2017)

  1. Calmgrove says:

    Love this ‘definition’ and the source ‘reference’, enough to wish it were true!

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    • I was thinking about the setting and decided I wanted three regions: Earth, The Between, and The Beyond. The last is places like godhome, spirit realm, the places mere mortals really shouldn’t go. And the Between is a buffer. But then, I thought of infinite archetypal forests and other Between regions, and the “simultaneously same space & not” thing came to mind, with the headache inducing geography & metaphysics that follows. 🙂

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