Shadow Earth (III) (2017)

When the earth was made, the gods soon grew bored and sought an outlet for their creativity. They fashioned the first race of beings, known as immortals, as their deathless companions to walk creation at their side. These nine beings ushered in the Age of Immortals, for all the land was theirs.

In time, the immortals grew strong and proud of their abilities and tested themselves. In their early, young, hubris, some decided to make companions for themselves, as the gods had made them. Their creations were imperfect. They were immortal, like their creators, but fed on beasts, early mortals (an experiment of some gods), and each other to maintain their immortality. The result was an age of darkness and fear for mortals, the Age of Shadows. Many immortals fought against the new creatures, thus beginning a war that has continued through the ages. The immortals, though, were too few in number, only nine after all, and the gods refused to intervene.

Seeking aid to end the terrible mistake that was the shadows, the immortals continued experimenting with creation. They modified several beasts and men, resulting in five magical races and the first of the shifters. Even these allies were not enough. The shadows bred faster than the new races. In order to increase their numbers, the six species began breeding with the rapid spawning humans. The result was the kinfolk and the Age of Sorcery. During this age, the immortals vanished from the world. However, with their allies, the six races fought the shadows to a standstill. Then, believing their work done at great cost, the few survivors of the five magic races left the world to seek their immortal creators.

The sorcerers governed humanity and the shifters their own lands, for a time. But, humans chafed under their dominion after centuries. Revolts occurred, rebellions, and deaths. Outnumbered, the sorcerers and shifters faded into the background, quietly protecting humanity from their shadow enemies. Thus was ushered in the Age of Man, a lesser age in many ways, but one in which humans believe they shape their own destiny.

—Adjeret’s Four Ages of the World (translated into prose from the original draconic verse)

 The ancient gods who held sway so long ago their names have been forgotten created nine immortal beings to be their companions. It is from these beings—Amurta, Besanna, Erenungal, Hahepri, Kisheb, Nabis, Ningoth, Sham’at, and Sogal—that the magical races are descended. Each of the nine mingled their bloodline with humanity, a later creation of the gods, producing dragon, fae, giant, goblin, moroi, shifter, shtriga, and troll. The ninth, the demons, became extinct before their line could extend to survive the ages.

–from Byron Wycliffe’s “On the Origins of Magic” (1831)


One comment on “Shadow Earth (III) (2017)

  1. One of the things I wanted to play with for this build is the idea of competing, or a variety of, origin myths (although they developed into different layers of understanding regarding the reality of the world, currently about five layers).


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