Shadow Earth (II) (2017)

Code of Osane

Strength through control.

Growth through unity.

Protection through concealment.

Power through influence.

Influence through patience.

—from Osane Volysovich, founder of Scholomance


Sorcery is . . . a sort of paradox. It is simultaneously simple and complex. We know at its basic level sorcery is willpower properly applied to energy. Thus, grab energy, shape it, release. Nothing could be simpler, right? Wrong. If it appears easy, it probably isn’t; if it appears difficult, it probably is. It takes years to master, so the ease you see in your instructors will not come overnight.

—Jessica LeFrancis, Headmaster of Zatenai Academy, to incoming students


You are imitheos, from the Greek for “demi” and “god”. But, your ancestors were not gods, they were immortals who mingled with humans. We can’t tell which immortal line you’re from, frankly it doesn’t matter, that was millennia ago. What does matter is that you have access to powers and we have a duty: to teach you to control those powers and to protect this world from the rest of the realms.

—Marcus, to newly identified imitheos


You can have any weapon you want to train with, even any gun you want. But, some advice. The shadows, most magical creatures, shifters . . . they aren’t fazed by a bullet, they won’t even bat an eye. Hell, bullets only make the shifters mad. You’re better off with a sword or bow.

—William Isaak, self-defense instructor, Zatenai Academy


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