Shadow Earth (I) (2017)

Just some little pieces I’ve been putting together for a massive (160+ pages of moderately detailed notes) urban fantasy multiverse worldbuild.

When a priest sacrificed blood on the pagan altar to protect the land, when a king spilt his seed on the ground to bring fertility, these were not the empty rituals of primitives. They were echoes, among mundane humans, of the oldest, some say strongest, of the primal magics. Even in these refined and advanced days of enlightenment and scientific understanding on the sorcerous arts, the eldest magics retain a certain value, raw and wild as they are.

—Tanith, from A Practical History of Sorcery


Contrary to popular beliefs, the so-called First Cities have no basis in reality. Rather, they are symbolic representations of socio-cultural ideals held by the earliest of magical persons and societies, utopic visions for stories that reinforced social mores.

—Michael Vortigern, from Treatise on the Legendarium


If humanity discovered the truth about the world, they would try to exterminate both us and the shadows. They would get in our way and cause us to fail in our duty. They would do this out of, a not unreasonable, fear. It’s happened before, although not on a large enough scale to completely destroy us—Alexandria, the Inquisition—but if it recurred today, all would be lost.

—Nefre Hersi, on the necessity of continuing the Concealment Doctrine


There is a war in the grey spaces. It has been waged for millennia. Both sides claim righteousness, claim their side has altruism and seeks to protect the unwitting humans from the other side. Both sides lie. After hundreds of generations, they simply fight to fight. To beat the other side at any cost. I know because I spent a century fighting for one side, then the other. And I was good at it. I hunted shadows, I hunted shifters and kinfolk. I bought the shite both sides sold. Until I no longer could.

— Taren the Apostate, from The Chronicle of Taren the Apostate


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