Apologies 2

Sorry for the lack of updates, folks.  A bit bummed here, to say the least.

But, that’s sorta what happens when your President-elect names an anti-Semitic white supremacist as his chief strategist and names a Secretary of Education who wants to use the department to punish any school he considers to be ideologically lacking.  Not to mention the fact that it’s becoming increasingly clear that he a) didn’t actually want the job, just the ego boost and b) has no clue what he’s gotten himself into.

Anyway, I’ll try to get back to updates today or tomortow.


One comment on “Apologies 2

  1. calmgrove says:

    I’ve ‘liked’ this, not because I approve of what your president-elect is doing but in solidarity for the majority of Americans who actually bothered to vote to keep this maverick out of office. 😦

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