First, I’m sorry for this as I try not to do political posts here.

Second, to the world: On behalf of the U.S., I’m sorry for the stupid thing we just did.

Third, to the UK: I’m sorry, the Colonies are reclaiming the World’s Dumbest Vote award.  Pres. Donnie beats out a non-binding Brexit vote, I’m afraid.



5 comments on “Apologies

  1. calmgrove says:

    No apologies needed on behalf of the 47% who didn’t vote in Donnie Darko, similar to the 48% here in Britain who did’t vote for Brexit. Still, those here who took leave of their senses by voting to leave the EU are in the same boat as those Americans who voted to leave the rest of the world, opting out of climate change agreements, pragmatic consensus and simple human decency. Never since the Cold War have we been so close to international meltdown. Let’s hope that moderate Republicans can rein in his more outlandish and lunatic ‘policies’.

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    • We have a messed up situation. See, Donnie actually lost the popular vote by 166,000 votes. But, he won the election through Electoral College electors. We have this messed up system because Jefferson wanted the Senate to elect presidents, others wanted direct presidential elections. Usually, the two line up, but when they don’t, the failure is spectacular.

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      • calmgrove says:

        It’s similar in the UK: though we don’t vote for the Prime Minister (who can change mid-term anyway) we vote in constituencies for Members of Parliament, and the party whose candidates form the biggest number in Parliament gets to govern and choose who’ll be PM. So it’s theoretically possible for one party to win the popular vote but still not win enough seats to vote.

        Still, with both the Brexit referendum and this Presidential election it’s honesty that’s been the real loser.

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  2. calmgrove says:

    Thanks. And sorry, that last ‘vote’ should be ‘govern’.

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