Interim Thoughts

Problematic week this time, so late, somewhat off topic, post today.

 The preview for STARZ rendition of American Gods came out yesterday and I’ve been thinking about the book and Neil Gaiman in general.

 One of the things I love about Gaiman is that he’s going against the stream, so to speak.

 In an era in which it seems everyone in the genre, whether professional or amateur, is writing extended series of books, he does exclusively single, stand alone novels. When everyone else is doing trilogies, quintets, and open-ended series, I can only think of two books from Gaiman that go together—American Gods and Anansi Boys—not counting a couple novellas associated with American Gods and Neverwhere. Not only that, but each novel essentially has its own world. A case could be made for all his novels being in the same world, but I wouldn’t want to be the person who has to develop the internal world consistency between them.

3 comments on “Interim Thoughts

  1. calmgrove says:

    Coincidentally I’m just reading this for the first time, so was interested to see how the visuals match up with my internal ‘movie’. Not far off,though my impression was that Shadow had a touch of Native American about him, along with a smidgeon of Scandinavian, but at least they’ve got his stature right.

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    • I’m pretty happy with the casting so far. Look ing forward to Orlando Jones, Ian McShane, and Gillian Anderson.

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      • calmgrove says:

        Interesting you’ve mentioned three actors who are either British or with strong UK links, perhaps appropriate for a novel set in the US written by an outsider and largely about incomers and outsiders. Just finished AG and amazed how much ground — literally and figuratively — Gaiman covers.

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