Tracking Results

Over three weeks of tracking word counts for every piece of writing I’ve worked on, I have discovered a few things.

 First, I’ve averaged 9,800 words a week. Between parenting, work, home maintenance, and family stuff, a bit under 10,000 a week seems pretty decent. I’m fairly happy with that number.

 Second, I’ve discovered that Fridays are my worst writing days in terms of word counts. This is probably because Friday is the weekly cleaning/errand day so it’s usually crazy busy. I’m considering taking Friday as a no-writing day since that will give a day off and only have minimal negative impact on weekly writing productivity. Conversely, Saturdays tend to be my best, probably because Saturdays are usually slow at work so there’s often a lot of downtime.

 Third, the beginning of my word count tracking coincided with our decision to give our child a kindergarten-length day at preschool once a week. We made the decision to get him prepped for what he’ll be doing in the Fall. The side effect is that he has started to decide that he doesn’t need/want afternoon naps, even short ones. I hadn’t quite realized how much I counted on those naps to boost my productivity, whether cleaning, doing my resume writing job, or for other projects. (Now if we could just convince him that he doesn’t need to get up at 6 AM.)


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