WiP Exerpt #2

Just an excerpt from my WiP

Once the formal gestures were complete, the naiad took a step forward.

“John Iaconno, satyr. You have requested an audience with the Circle.”

“Yes, elders. My thanks for granting my request.”

“You are aware that you have no standing or position in the Cloven Council and do not represent our allies. Thus, we are under no obligation to you.”

”I am aware, elders, and merely wish to ask a small favor, though an important one,” John replied, the old forms drilled in his youth flooding back smoothly. He knew the routine and ritual. “I expect nothing from the Circle but hope my request may be deemed mutually beneficial.”

The naiad nodded, “We shall see. Proceed with your request, John Iaconno, satyr.”

“Thank you . . . I am sure the elders are aware of the recent unrest in the city, coinciding with a nearly secret Great Moot. Within the last few days, mages have been attacked by vampires and vampires by mages. Or, rather, the property of each has been damaged.”


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