Multiverse: Door Between Worlds

Because I’m somewhat masochistic, I’m thinking of the urban fantasy world that I’m currently writing in as part of a larger multiverse. In this multiverse, the great majority of worlds are variations on Earth. Currently, in my development process, there are:

Earth-000: Our world, baseline.

Earth-001: the world I’m writing in at the moment (unnamed)

Earth-002: Immortalis Mundi

Earth-003: Veiled Earth

Earth-004: Magipocalypse Earth

Earth-xxx: any future developments

Other worlds include:

Aethoth: a secondary, high-low fantasy world I’m placing in development

Ethirach: a secondary, high-ish fantasy world inspired loosely by Earth’s “lost lands” legends, ex. Atlantis, Mu, Ys, Shambhala (development on hold)

At the moment, travel between worlds in the multiverse is impossible because all the “doorways” were closed roughly 40,000 years ago (Earth-000 time). Time doesn’t necessarily pass at the same rate on each world. I think the ur-gate is located on either Aethoth or Ethirach (haven’t decided which). Reopening/activating that gate reopens the multiverse.

 However, even with the “doors” open, direct travel between Earths will be impossible. Probably due to similarity. Therefore, all travel between Earths needs to go through Aethoth or Ethirach, ex. Earth-001 to Earth-004 can’t work, but Earth-001 to Aethoth to Earth-004 works just fine.

 It’s something I’m playing with. I’m not entirely certain that will be the final form, yet.

4 comments on “Multiverse: Door Between Worlds

  1. Jay Dee says:

    Pretty ambitious to have several worlds. I’m only doing one world at the moment, and it’s not Earth. I love worldbuilding, though. Lots of fun.


    • Well, no more ambitious than Roger Zelazny, John DeChancie, Michael Moorcock, Ilona Andrews, Margaret Weis, or a whole bunch of others. 🙂 Besides, it gets the ideas out of my head. I don’t develelop them all simultaneously, though; usually I focus on one for a while, maybe spend a couple days worldbuilding while figuring out a tricky part of the story, etc.


      • Jay Dee says:

        I haven’t even read any of them yet. Still seems ambitious to me 🙂 But it’s something I know I would try.


      • Zelazny’s big one, I actually have not read (the Amber series), though I enjoy his standalone work.
        Moorcock is a classic – Elric, Eternal Champion, Corum, Hawkmoon, Von Bek, etc.
        DeChancie is fun, light comic fantasy (Castle series).
        Andrews is one of my favorite urban fantasy authors (the Innkeeper Chronicles brings together at least two of their worlds – husband/wife writing team)

        I’d potentially add Fritz Leiber (Lankhmar, but his non-Lankhmar material is all standalone), Harry Turtledove (fantasy, alt history) has a number over the years, C.J. Cherryh (F & SF) has had quite a few over the years too, Robert Asprin (MYTH series; comic fantasy) is also a fun one.


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