Untitled Urban Fantasy

So, I thought I’d post a bit of my current (untitled) urban fantasy piece.  At the moment it is around 23,000 words.

“Well, crap,” he thought.

Then everything went black.

It was supposed to be a simple retrieval job, the kind the team had done scores of times.  One of their bread-and-butter jobs.  They knew the target item–a deceptively plain gold ring.  They knew the current owner–a wizard of some modest reputation.  They knew the layout and protections in place.  The client bought the ring from the owner and it wasn’t delivered, or the owner had stolen it from the client, didn’t really matter.

Most of the information had been given to them by the client’s representative.  The rest they had discovered from some easy investigation.  The plan was elegantly simple and straightforward, the kind of thing they’d done often, almost monthly.

The location was a mid-sized mansion compound, not too unusual for their jobs.  A fair sized lawn with little cover, two stories, wrought iron fence around the grounds.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Someone had placed common wards and protections on the perimeter–counter-scrying, counter-teleport, a few blocking entry by specific species or magic strength, some simple alarms.  All the wards they had spotted or the client noted inside were based on cryptomancy or glamour, sometimes combined.  Again, nothing they were not used to.


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