What I’ve Been Up To

A touch of insanity, perhaps.


A while back, I mentioned my current writing technology.  This is it.

The five black notebooks contain, in one degree of development or another, a multiversal worldbuild.  That includes three periods of Earth history (modern, near future magic-apocalypse, and 300 years after apocalypse), five secondary worlds (out of 22) connected directly or indirectly to Earth, and some vignettes.

The two blue notebooks contain, in some degree of development, a hidden magic Earth worldbuild with 25 paranormal sentient races and 11 unruled half sheets of paper that comprise the first draft (thus far) of a short story/novella/novel/who knows what it will become.  Ultimately, the second draft will be written in the notebook with more detail and description (I’m just getting the basic story right now).


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