Choices, Choices: Library Weeding

Sorry for the delay in updating. Illnesses, work writing, and personal writing took over.

 I’m also nearly at the end of a three to four year personal library weeding process. Sadly, it took that long, mostly due to reduced reading time, the size of the collection, and a toddler.

 This week, I thought I’d share here.

 I decided on a simple process:

– Duplicates, including individual books v. omnibus editions, were removed immediately.

– Outdated non-fiction, ex. history books from the 1950s, were removed immediately.

– Anything that I had not read in 3 or more years or hadn’t read at all was put in a “to read” pile; if it didn’t pass the 20-30 pages test (e.g. if I’m not hooked on the story in 20-30 pages, extended to 50 for some longer works), it was removed.

There were some exceptions to the duplication rule: different translations (Beowulf, Gawain), the Narnia-series (we have two copies), and Lord of the Rings (we have three different editions, I think).

 I’m not entirely sure how much was removed from the collection, many have been replaced by other books, but a sizable amount went away via PaperbackSwap,, and other such sites.


2 comments on “Choices, Choices: Library Weeding

  1. calmgrove says:

    A familiar exercise for me. You don’t talk much about your emotional response — though I empathise over illness, toddler barriers to bookweeding — and wonder if you felt empowered or regretful, liberated or irritated that you hadn’t been ruthless earlier. And why did you feel the need to do it — space needed for up-to-date scholarship, fallen out of love with youthful obsessions, just an age thing? Certainly for me there was a mixed range of emotions when the need to downsize was thrust upon me.


    • lordtaltos says:

      Honestly, I was looking at our bookcases and realized there were a lot of things on there that either I hadn’t read or hadn’t read in a long time. A year or so later, I finally got around to doing it. The ones that went had no emotional connection, which was sort of the point. 🙂 They’ve also been moved between five homes in three cities over the last decade or so, which could have been a factor in the decision. I didn’t really get too introspective.

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