New Story Line

Started my first non-worldbuilding fiction project in a few years, and I’m enjoying the experience.  I’m going back to some of my early days of quasi-serious fiction writing.

It’s been about fourteen, fifteen years since I last used the frame narrative structure, but I’m trying it out again.  In this case, a similar set up with a storytelling narrator linking a few stories together.

At the same time, I’m doing worldbuilding as I go elsewhere in the same notebook.  Sort of.

The frame narrative takes place in the LME (Living Magic Earth) urban fantasy setting that I started working on relatively recently.  But the stories themselves take place on one of the twenty Known Worlds attached to the AoP project I started a month or two back.  So, the Earth part is mostly built but the world and nation in which the stories take place is being built as I go.

I haven’t done things this way in a while, versus building the world (at least in broad strokes) then writing the story.  It’s kinda fun so far.


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