Peakwatch Keep

Something I decided to play around with today, after inspiration struck

Peakwatch Keep.

Local villagers say that this elaborate castle serves as a base for the patrols that guard the passes and protect the kingdom’s border. They say it watches over the land and was meant to keep an eye on the myriad giant tribes in the mountains.

 The Keep’s histories, however, tell a different story.

 They speak of a door deep within the central keep and an ancient evil contained centuries ago. The histories indicated that the castle keep watch over and protects the containment that holds the evil at bay. They explain that the oldest elaborate, intricate defenses were built to keep something inside. Later, outer defenses, were added, so the histories say, to keep people out.

The door spoken of in the private histories does indeed exist.

 Both the door and the stone frame in which it stands are covered in gems, symbols of inlaid silver, and rust red stains. The door itself is made of seven different kinds of wood and bound with seven different metals.

Thoughts and Notes

  1. This world contains many types of magic, including lithomancy (gemstone magic), cryptomancy (symbol/word magic), and sanguomancy (blood magic).
  2. What is contained by the Keep?
    1. A powerful artifact?
    2. An entity of some sort?
    3. A gate to another world?
    4. A gate to a subterranean realm?

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