Cultures of Earth: LME Americas and Elsewhere

In building the LME world, I’ve mostly focused on the U.S. for details, but have considered a few other areas around the world. With that in mind, a few of the elements I’ve worked on:

There is no central paranormal government. Every paranormal is effectively on their own, unless they are part of some faction. Most of these factions are local or regional, but a few reach national influence and there are representatives of a few international groups present. Most factions represent an area (Rocklan Square – a commercial area) or particular location (say, a school). Due to the lack of central authority, conflicts and even violence are common to some degree (depends on the area). One exception is the vampires, who generally have very strict, hierarchical, even feudal societies. The elf courts are also relatively organized, but rather insular.

Each island in the Caribbean is unique, but most have factions based on their European colonists or forced African migrants. These factions can be as disruptive as those of the U.S., but each island tends to have a dominant faction that governs the rest and keeps some kind of peace on the island.

A couple islands don’t fit within the above regions. One actually moves around the world and acts as an independent nation. Another is technically part of North America, but not aligned with the U.S. or Canada, it is a sort of resort set up by people fleeing the conflicts of the U.S.

British Isles, Australia, & Canada
Back before or just after the Romans (sources are unclear), Britain’s mages formed the Royal College of Magic. As they expanded their control, colleges were founded in Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland as well. Each of the four United Kingdoms has one today and Ireland kept its after some argument. Three were set up in Canada and two in Australia during the 17th century. Others were created in India, Hong Kong, and parts of Africa with varying degrees of success. The Royal Colleges are one part educational institutions and one part government. In each nation, non-humans and mage-born govern themselves, but have ties with the Royal Colleges as well (and agreements for the mage-born mages).

The Mexican paranormal community is complete chaos. The mages follow the ancient Aztec practice of individual apprenticeships. Every master is paranoid of other masters stealing their secrets and apprentices. The other paranormals follow similar patterns, with few exceptions. Due to their organization, the vampires largely dominate the region.

The Egyptians claim to be the oldest magic and paranormal nation on Earth. Thus, the Orders of Thoth that govern all Egyptian paranormals claim to be the oldest continuously running paranormal government. China disputes this, as does at least one Mesopotamian-region government.

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