Witches, Munchkins, and Scarecrows? No: LME Races

On the Earth I’m putting together, there are technically four categories of sentient species. All are native to Earth.

-Humans: Regular, everyday, normal people.
-Mages: Long lived humans capable of tapping and using magical energy.
-Shifters: Humans capable of changing form into the guise of animals. Class 1 shifters can go human to animal, class 2 have human-hybrid-animal forms, class 3 can assume the shape of any animal.
-Adepts: Humans with just enough talent to store tiny amounts of magical energy and use it for relatively small effects.

All except goblins and hadeans are immortal.
-Gargoyles: Masters of ley lines and strongly connected to the earth. Known for their patience, stone-tough skin, and sometimes inhuman appearance.
-Goblins: Tusked, pointed eared, human sized beings known for their red and/or blue genetic tattoos. Impulsive and masters of yantromancy.
-Hadeans: Hairless humanoids who look basically human except for the gemstones genetically implanted in their arms, heads, and chests.
-Liches: Body hopping spirits capable of sustaining a stolen body for a decade or two before burning it out. Masters of necromancy, controlling spirits and undead.
-Sirens: Attractive (at least by the individual siren’s standards) human-looking beings, masters of tantromancy.
-Treefolk: Humanoid trees acknowledged as masters of thaumaturgy.
-Vampires: Living human-like beings with fangs, masters of sanguomancy.

-Centaurs: The classic man-horse hybrids described by the ancient Greeks.
-Dragons: Once fearsome quasi-reptilian beasts, dragons now look human but possess great powers over nature.
-Dwarves: The stout, often subterranean, humanoids found in legends around the world.
-Elflings: The Little People, the source of tales about brownies and other small Fae.
-Elves: The source of tales of the Sidhe and related peoples around the world.
-Giants: A dying race of 10-12′ tall humanoids, being driven to extinction by dwindling habitats.
-Nymphs: Quasi-spirit women bound to natural features (lakes, mountains, groves, trees, streams) around the world, very territorial and starting to share the giants’ problem.
-Satyrs: The male equivalent to nymphs, goat-men described by the ancient Greeks.

Long lost collection of species believed by paranormals to have influenced the development of Earth and its cultures as well as creating most of the major pocket realms. They vanished from the world roughly 300,000 years ago (actually closer to 750,000 years ago).

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